Monday, February 20, 2012

Meet The BaZooples!

The BaZooples would like to say hello! Meet Gertrude the sweet giraffe who watches over all of her friends, and Zach the lazy little zebra who loves to lay in the grass and watch the clouds float by. The bashful baby elephant is Elsie who doesn't say much but loves giving big snuggly hugs. Meet Lester the cuddly lion cub who gets into a bit of mischief now and then, and Max the carefree monkey who's favorite game is chasing his shadow across the ground. And don't forget the delightful flutterbugs (since a BaZoople is never alone, you'll always find a flutterbug doing loop-d-loops close by).

So always remember, whenever you need a hug, a giggle, a story or a friend, the BaZooples will always be here waiting for you!

Wishing you Sunshine & Smiles!

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