Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Happy Birthday Hugs!!

Hi from Elsie (the elephant)!

Whether this is your first day in the world, or you've already been toddling around for a few years, me and my BaZoople friends want to share a snuggly Happy Birthday Hug to each of you wee ones that are celebrating birthdays this week!

One of our little friends will be celebrating her 2nd birthday soon and her mommy wants to use the Nighty Night BaZooples baby shower set for her birthday party. Here's how---all the pieces that say nothing about "shower" on them will work wonderfully, like the plates, cups, napkins & tablecloth, then Mama Vicki  is making coordinating party hats & "Happy 2nd Birthday!" signs to match using the original artwork and mailing them to her in time for the party. How fun! So, if you want to celebrate your birthday using the BaZooples, just have your mommy email our Mama Vicki at

Happy Birthday Hugs from me and my BaZoople friends!